South Africa

About the project

The South African education system is inadequate in preparing children for their future, with overcrowded classes, poorly trained teachers and a lack of teaching materials. As a result, young people from the townships have only very limited opportunities.

‘United Through Sport’ (UTS), a partner organisation to terre des hommes, uses sport to open doors and provides educational support opportunities for disadvantaged boys and girls in Nelson Mandela Bay. Mass sports activities are offered in 42 schools in the townships of Port Elizabeth, reaching over 30,000 children.

These activities act as a vehicle for pedagogical content, such as sex education lessons that are offered alongside. For gifted children and young people UTS has set up a scholarship scheme that will provide them with support until they leave school.


  • Mass sports programme at schools
  • Scholarship programme for talented pupils (additional school education, university)
  • Education on health topics (e.g. HIV)
  • Career guidance and life skills training

Project details

Start of project

Children and young people involved
30,380 (current phase)


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