About the project

The Dalit and Adivasi ethnic groups are at the bottom of the social caste system in India. They are marginalised and rejected. Many families in these groups collect waste in order to survive. And the children of these marginalised groups lack access to education, play and sport opportunities. The ‘New Vision’ initiative is aimed at children from the waste-picking families and other disadvantaged social strata.

Children and young people are given extra lessons tailored to their needs and are integrated into mainstream schools. Many of them previously had little contact with education, and therefore play and sport are particularly important parts of an educational offering appropriate to their age. Older young people are given career guidance and support in looking for work or setting up a micro-enterprise. They are also informed about their rights as Indian citizens.

Twice each week, football training is provided for 4 clubs with the support of the All India Youth Football Academy. Parents are taught about the importance of sport and play and become involved in the training and in organising the events. The children meanwhile are given the space to be children, they gain positive feedback from the sport and can enjoy themselves playing football together.


  • Support to 4 football teams among the most marginalised social groups
  • Other play and sports activities
  • Extra lessons and integration into school
  • Health and hygiene training
  • Career guidance and support for job seeking
  • Education about individual rights

Project details

Start of project
2021 (start of new phase)

Children and young people involved

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